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  • Blake Marley

The Security-First Approach of PremaTax

Updated: May 21, 2020

When filing insurance premium taxes, security is a top consideration for tax service professionals and clients alike. Here at Terabitten, we recognize and value the importance of security, which is why PremaTax is built on Firebase and hosted on Google servers. Our security-first approach to application development means that PremaTax customers receive the benefits of modern, intuitive, and functional software, with the assurances of security and flexibility built right in.

When evaluating our application architecture, we spoke with premium tax service professionals to understand their desires for both usability and security. After careful consideration, we opted to host PremaTax on Google, which conveys a number of security benefits including Google’s:

  • Firebase product, complete with authentication and security rules

  • Built-in disaster recovery

  • Stringent maintenance of hardware and physically secure data centers

Firebase Authentication and Security Rules

Firebase Authentication allows us to leverage the industry standard authentication protocol known as OAuth 2.0. It enables our engineers to write security rules to ensure that only authorized users can access your data. Custom user claims and security rules across our file storage and database give you peace of mind in knowing that your data is secure.

Built-in Disaster Recovery

Firebase offers built-in disaster recovery and flexibility regarding where the application is deployed and where your data is stored. PremaTax data is replicated across multiple regions around the country. This redundancy ensures availability and integrity of both the PremaTax application and your data in the event that a data center were to be made inoperable. For instance, if the Texas data center were to go offline, PremaTax would still remain online and accessible with no data loss to you or your clients.

Stringent Maintenance of Hardware + Secure Data Centers

Google manages and maintains the underlying hardware that drives PremaTax’s architecture. They deploy stringent maintenance of data center hardware and comply with physical security best practices. Therefore, the likelihood of ransomware or malware being nefariously installed on their internal systems is negligible. Read more about Google’s data center security protocols here.

No Additional Software Installations Needed

PremaTax is open and accessible through an internet browser with the built-in security of HTTPS, meaning no additional software installations are necessary on your machines.

This means that no desktop virtualization is required!

Access your data on-demand and download files straight to your computer without having to connect to a remote desktop or transfer data manually through protocols such as SFTP.


Designing and building a modern premium tax software solution that meets your needs for safety, usability and flexibility is of utmost importance to the PremaTax team. Our decision to build with Firebase and to host with Google means that no compromises were made in bringing the leading premium tax filing software to market.

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